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EarthQuaker Levitation Reverb Pedal

- The Levitation Reverb is True Bypass.
- Psychedelic vintage spring/plate-style reverb
- Long and short reverb modes
- Upgraded op-amps for better performance and lower noise*
- Accutronics reverb tank
- New artwork*
- True-bypass
- Silent soft-touch switching*
- All-analog dry signal path
- Built entirely by hand in psychedelic Akron, Ohio
- Lifetime guarantee 

- Length (Toggle): Broad stroke control for decay time. Shorter to left, longer to the right. 
- Decay: Controls the length of the reverb decay. Longer clockwise, shorter counter clockwise.
- Atmosphere: This is a harmonic regeneration control, it feeds the upper frequencies of the reverb trails back through to create a more harmonic (ringing) reverb. More atmosphere clockwise, less counter clockwise.
- Mix: This controls how much wet signal is blended in with the dry. More reverb clockwise, less counter clockwise.
- Tone: This is an input bandwidth control for the reverberated signal. All the way counter clockwise reduces all low end content to make a brighter reverb, turning counter clockwise allows more low end to pass through resulting in a fuller reverberated tone.
- Input impedance: 1M
- Output impedance: >1K
- Dimensions with knobs: 4.625 x 2.5 x 2.25 
- Power: Current draw is 50 mA.

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